Our aims are to teach you to paddle and enable you to do your own Kayaking/Open Canoeing. You will be taught in small groups by qualified British Canoeing Coaches.

It is possible for absolute beginners to gain a 1 Star award over a couple of days either on a weekend course, or over two single days. To achieve the more advanced awards requires further experience, so attend a couple of weekends, or additional days, and with our coaches’ guidance work towards the necessary skills.

Weekend 6 is held in Wales (with indoor accommodation), covering introduction to and further experience in moving (white) water, including training and assessment in 3 Star or 3 Star Open Canoe, with the option to gain experience even beyond the 3 Star qualifications.

Courses 2019

Course Availability Location Price
1 Star Training & Assessment Weekend 1 (10th - 12th May)
Weekend 2 (14th - 16th June)
Weekend 3 (12th - 14th July)
Weekend 4 (30th August - 1st September)
Weekend 5 (13th - 15th September)
Bewl Water £51 weekend
£31 Saturday
2 Star Training & Assessment
3 Star Training
Foundation Safety & Rescue Test
Canoeing Practice Day (Need a minimum of 1 Star)
3 Star Training & Assessment Weekend 6 (Dates TBA) Wales £95 weekend*
4 Star Training & Assessment

* Price includes food and accommodation and could vary depending on numbers attending.

Training & Assessment

You will paddle both Kayaks and Open Canoes, across a mixture of sessions.

Absolute beginners usually gain a 1 Star award during a weekend or over two Saturdays. To achieve 2 Star and above requires further experience/time on the water. Paddling across several days or weekends under our coaches’ guidance will help you to gain the necessary skills. For 2 star and above you will need to show previous awards and journey log.

For 1 and 2 Star Passes a "Pass Slip" is given to Candidates to send to British Canoeing. For 3 Star and FSRT Passes candidates should bring a cheque payable to 'British Canoeing', which your Coach then sends to British Canoeing.